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Trade Works:
The trade finance investor

by Andreas Schweitzer

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About the author

'Trade Works: The Trade Finance Investor' is the second book by Wall Street Journal best-selling author Andreas Schweitzer. Wittily written and underlined by deep research of a multinational team, Trade Works shares insights from Schweitzer’s extensive global trade history and provides financially interested readers a deeper understanding of why trade finance is such an attractive asset class.


Schweitzer is the Managing Director of London-based Arjan Capital Ltd, an advisory business focusing on financing/executing trade transactions and payment mechanisms, particularly in territories with complex jurisdictions. Arjan is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In 2020, Schweitzer founded Artis Trade Invest, an EU-regulated Trade investment fund specialising in credit-insured invoice discounting for up to 100 days, authorised by the Lichtenstein Financial Market Authority. Schweitzer advises mid- and large-cap SMEs regarding their trade strategy and execution with frontier and emerging markets.

Praise from the financial community...

Schweitzer has taken the recent pandemic and brought a perspective on how leveraging investments via trade and capital is a beneficial option to both common and seasoned investors.

Paul L. Gunn, Jr

Founder, KUOG Corporation

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